Well, here goes. A fresh start.

If you’re just joining me now, welcome to my new blog. And if you’re wondering what happened to the old blog, it’s there, in tact. But (I’ve known for some time) that I’ve completely outgrown it. The only thing keeping us together was nostalgia.

When I started pear+apricot almost five years ago, I had just quit my profession of ten years as an architect to stay home. Moving from a nine-to-six job to a lifestyle without basic daily structure—which I once thought would feel more like a vacation, a good thing—drove me stir-crazy. I needed a new rhythm. pear+apricot was my photo diary, documenting my journey from architecture into photography, housewifery, and motherhood, one cup of coffee at a time.

When my son was born, and photography grew from a hobby into a business. Call it a new chapter or whatever, rhythm became chaos. With so much going on with my life, the goal was to simply stay afloat. I continued to go through the motions, shooting and blogging, with a self-imposed schedule and format. I struggled to keep work-related posts true to the original style of my blog, and it became more of a chore. When I started to dread writing, I knew it was time for a change.

Don’t Forget the Salt is a blank canvas. A space that, hopefully, will allow me to shoot and write for myself. Keep it simple.

And, as a reminder to myself, don’t forget the salt.



Posted by:Jenny


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