My parents used to say, ‘time goes by fast when you’re an adult.’ What used to sound like old people talk, now I completely get. It’s hard to believe our Monterey trip was almost a year ago, and a week of June has come and gone already.

When my brother and I were kids, our parents used to collect all of their vacation days each year and take us on trips. We covered mostly touristy spots, Disneyland, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, the Grand Canyon, New York, and Boston. To be honest, as a child, I wasn’t very interested in nature or scenic tours. If it wasn’t Disneyland we’re headed to, or someplace with rides, protests were sure to ensue. It wasn’t until my twenties when I began to look back and really appreciate our family vacations—all of them.

York and I agree that we hope to instill the desire to travel, starting at an early age, in Nick. Each year, we make it a point to plan a small family trip for just the three of us. So far, every trip, despite the difficulties of traveling with a little one, has been memorable and rewarding, and we hope to continue the tradition.

This year we chose Portland. York and I haven’t been there since before Nick was born, and the last time I visited with my best friend, Nick was still in my belly. 🙂

We chose to fly in and stay downtown, at the Residence Inn in Downtown Pearl District, so we can take advantage of public transportation. Portland was a very kid-friendly town and I think Nick quite enjoyed it—we travel with him the same way we used to travel as a couple, sticking to no more than one city for a few days, and loosely planning the entire trip around food. 😉 We were there for just under a week, which was more than enough for many strolls around the city, a visit to the museum, and Powell Book Store. We successfully, and sometimes unsuccessfully (kids. tantrums. yada yada) dined at some of our favorite restaurants. We also rented a car one of the days and drove to Multnomah Falls for a scenic detour. It was a fun, and somewhat relaxing few days. Well, as relaxing as it can be with a young child in tow.

I can’t wait for our next trip—fingers crossed for…Europe!


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