I’m officially on maternity leave now.

You may have already learned the news from Instagram, in less than five weeks, we are expecting a new baby girl. Eep!!

For the last month or so, I’ve been in nesting mode, sorting, purging, and organizing—trying to get the house in order for this baby. Of course, I started with every other room, except the baby’s, which, as of this moment, is covered in boxes of Nick’s old clothes and toys. In my defense, I know from experience the baby doesn’t need much the first few months, but, with two kids, I will probably never have this much time to clean again. Not for a while at least.

With this pregnancy, I felt HUUUGE immediately. I was almost certain I was growing and showing at a much faster pace. My doctor assured me that, if they were to pull up the data to compare, the weight gain between pregnancies are usually pretty similar—which turned out to be true, in my case—but tell that to my regular jeans, that I had to put away earlier in exchange for maternity ones.

I did a weekly maternity photo series when I was pregnant with Nick. It’s been almost four years since he was born, and weekly photos require much time and commitment, both of which I have little to spare now. However, I thought it might be fun to do a “bump to bump” comparison. So, instead of weekly, it’s become more of a “monthly” photo series. You can see from the photos, at every stage, the bump was a little more pronounced this time than the last. Hopefully, I will be able to squeeze in a couple more photos, of bump and/or baby, before chaos ensues.


10 weeks
15 weeks
18 weeks
20 weeks
23 weeks
29 weeks
33 weeks
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